About the Library

The Tooele Carnegie library, located at 47 East Vine Street in Tooele, Utah was built in 1911. It was listed on the national register of Historical places in 1984 and was funded by a grant. 

When the current library was built at 128 West Vine Street, Tooele citizens gathered together to form a human chain between the two libraries. Books were then passed from hand to hand from the old to the new until all of the books had been transferred. The library has always made it a priority to support the community and bring people closer together. That is why they hold so many different classes and events for people of all ages. 

Technology training is a skill that has been greatly emphasized at the Tooele City Library. Different classes are  held regularly and the library has created an online platform where people can find digital books and audiobooks to enjoy.  

Library staff work hard to keep the physical and digital library running smoothly as well as keep the library a safe and fun environment where citizens can come together to enjoy the different books and activities that are offered.